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Rikoksentorjuntaneuvoston Turvaohjeita senioreille

The International Network fot the Prevention of Elder Abuse INPEA

Information on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 15th of June WEAAD

WEAAD Follow-up

Further to my WEAAD President’s message, I have heard from a number of you about innovative programs held to mark this year’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). These include a very successful facebook and twitter campaign by Brazil’s 3rd Age Portal which reports almost 700 likes and more than 550 shares of the post of WEAAD.

Reminder: if you wish to vote in the upcoming election you must be a paid up member by July 31. There are 3 ways you can pay your dues: 1) by credit card and PayPal at 2. by bank wire transfer or 3) by cheque.